Apparatus rolls

Skate castors for dentist chairs and dentist stools

The ideal castor for your dental stool or dental chair. Suitable for all standard stools and office chairs



Dental Skater castors set

Simply convert your existing dental chair to a design roller. You have never moved through your practice so quickly and easily. Your patients will be amazed and your employees and colleagues will wish the same.

We offer you the set consisting of 5 design apparatus casters

with ball bearing skate wheels for 92,40 Euro Net (plus packing and shipping) on.

Simply replace your existing wheels on your chair or stool with our skate wheels. Done!

Specially tuned by proroll and standardized pin receptacle suitable for almost all office chairs and treatment chairs such as Sirona, Anthos, KaVo, Sigma Dental and many more.

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Dental skater castors set - 5 design apparatus castors with ball bearing skater wheels

Skate wheel with polyurethane bandage and ball bearing






Conversion set
Dental Skater Swivel Castors
Order no.
75 23 100 28 11 60             SET: 5x 251 75 30 8SK RB

- 2x ball bearing in wheel & clevis with twin row ball race
- Design strong sheet steel housing with plug pin (11x22mm) for "normal" office chairs and treatment chairs!
- skate wheel Ø 75mm made of elastic polyurethane with perfectly adjusted hardness for all practice and laboratory floors

Specially adjusted by proroll and standardized pin holder suitable for almost all office chairs
and dental chairs such as Sirona, Anthos, KaVo, Sigma Dental and many more.

The high speed skate wheels leaves no scratches or marks

Skate wheels for dental chair