Drehstuhlrollen Marken-Stuhlrollen von proroll

A brand product – chair castor from proroll.

What distinguishes a brand – swivel chair castor from proroll from other manufacturers

Swivel chair castors with safety! That you can rely on.

All our chair castors meet the legal requirements and comply with the associated DIN ISO 12529. For swivel chair castors there are clear specifications for use, e.g. an important requirement is that chair castors must be braked without load. In addition to this, there are many other specifications. But only one is important for you! Chair castors from proroll comply with all specifications. Always.

Hard or soft castors? A question of the floor!

Hard floor castors are covered with a polyurethane bandage (soft) and for easy identification always two-colored in our assortment. Hard floor rollers reduce dark abrasion and effectively prevent the formation of grooves on high-quality and expensive wooden floors. For use on carpeted floors, hard rolls made of uniform plastic can still be used. The trend, however, is towards the universal hard flor castor with the above-mentioned gentle and cushioning properties.

The right wheel size is what counts!

For lower rolling resistance and thus improved running properties, castors with larger wheel diameters (e.g. 65mm) are increasingly used today. Clear advantages speak for the larger wheels, run more easily, and are therefore more comfortable with every movement with the chair. Good reasons to change to a larger wheel.

Be better every day!

For years proroll has been continuously researching to improve furniture and chair castors. An affiliated engineering office provides us with scientific support to develop new and innovative products. Many small and some big improvements have already been made, e.g. the NoNoise pin, the connection between castor and base. The product properties have been greatly improved by structural changes. Today this improvement provides the proverbial quiet at the roller.

NoNoise – Pay attention to this symbol

Responsible and sustainable action at proroll

The use of plasticizers in plastics and the resulting harmful properties is being discussed more than ever before. A constant control of our used materials and the conscious renunciation of environmentally hazardous substances during production guarantees you a clear conscience when using our products. wheels and castors from proroll are:

PAK free and ROHS compliant – pay attention to this symbol