5000 chair parts & furniture components permanently available

Not only we ourselves, but also our customers operate in an international market. Here, prices and conditions of companies from different parts of the world are compared with each other. It is not uncommon for the smallest details and small price advantages to decide who wins the bid. Especially in business with large purchase quantities of chair parts or furniture components, details quickly become very important, and small individual price advantages add up to a considerable sum. One of the details with which proroll always scores points is our fast delivery times!


Our large warehouse, which we have here on site in Hückeswagen, is an important advantage, especially in the global trading business. Because tens of thousands of furniture components are constantly available here. We buy them in large quantities worldwide so that they are quickly available to our customers. Because a large selection and speed of delivery are details that can make the difference between success and failure. Our customers can rely on this. And so we can move more with greater dynamism!

proroll is always ready for delivery with over 5000 articles in furniture components