Gas Springs & Dampers

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Furniture Lift Series-LX

Furniture Gaslifts


5 years



Furniture Gaslifts

With the Furniture Lift Series-LX we continue our consistent path, which we have already taken with the X-Line series. Long-lasting quality throughout and ready-to-install functions and mounting variants form the basis of our Furniture Lift Series-LX. Numerous applications ranging from simple door lift support to precisely controlled lift systems are directly realised with our basic assortment.

LX-A | Basic-Model

With the ground model, the Blocking in both directions slightly springy.

LX-B | Blockable-Model

When pulling, the column remains blocked and slightly springy under pressure.


Function like the B Model only reverse blocking. Lightly springy in tension Rigid in compression.


Combination of B and C model. Absolutely rigid locking in both directions.


The E model for tables extends the piston continuously when triggered. When blocked, the piston remains absolutely rigid in both directions.


Blocks only in the insertion direction. Operates like a “normal” gas spring releases automatically without release. When the counterweight is adjusted, the column can be extended or retracted by hand force.


Blocks only in the extension direction. Not in the insertion direction blockable. Acts like a gas pressure spring when retracted and can be inserted without release.