Equipment for Hospital Bed Castors

We would be happy to assist you in selecting the right accessories for bed castors.


Brake Pedal made of synthetic plastics, glas fiber strengthened B-Pedal W 30 R°

item no.
brake pedal30° white right B-Padel W 30° R
brake pedal30° white left B-Padel W 30° L
brake pedal45° white right B-Padel W 45° R
brake pedal45° white left B-Padel W 45° L
brake pedal30° grey right B-Padel G 30° R
brake pedal30° grey left B-Padel G 30° L
brake pedal45° grey right B-Padel G 45° R
brake pedal45° grey left B-Padel G 45° L
Bremspedal für Krankenbettrollen in grau und weiß sowie links und rechts

Shift Lever CL 28 45°

Shift lever for transfer to the second pair of rollers, die-cast aluminium with fixing screw.

item no.
switch levers45° 28mm length CL 28 45°
switch levers45° 65mm length CL 65 45°
Schalthebeln in 28mm und 65mm länge

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