Environmental protection starts with the packaging!

With 6 ideas for better packaging & more consistent recycling

We are aware that the production of plastics consumes important resources. In addition, it takes up to 500 years for plastic packaging to completely decompose.

That is why we have decided to do without plastic packaging right away and replace it with sustainable alternatives. At present, 80 % of our packaging materials already come from renewable raw materials such as wood in the form of cardboard and wood wool, and a further 18 % are recyclable. A total of 98 % of our packaging can currently be fed back into a raw materials cycle. We are working on finding environmentally compatible alternatives for the remaining 2% of all packaging that comes in and goes out of our company.


Raw materials from wood
e.g. cardboard & paper


Recyclable materials
such as foils


Packagings which are produced at proroll
a raw material cycle again
be supplied

Sustainable packaging systems

The most environmentally friendly packaging is the one you don't use in the first place. That is why we are constantly working on optimising existing packaging solutions. The aim is to provide the necessary transport protection for our products using as little material as possible. Every gram of less packaging material is a gain. That's why we have also introduced a packaging method that is in harmony with nature. saves many hundreds of kilometres of stretch film. This has been made possible by the investment in a modern Tape wrapping machine.

Reusable packaging

Wherever possible and to the extent that our customers agree, we switch to reusable packaging. For most of our major customers, it is even an obligation to use reusable packaging systems for shipping. If you would also like to make a contribution to resource-saving shipping, please do not hesitate to contact us. Because we can certainly also supply your company sustainably and innovatively with wheels, castors or furniture components with a reusable packaging system.

Packaging materials
separate consistently

Every single person at proroll must make their contribution to a better environment. This starts with small things! We have equipped all work and assembly stations with the most common recyclable material separation containers. Short distances to the separation station provide an incentive to keep at it.


Much of the packaging material that we receive ourselves is still absolutely fine for further use. So that the recipient still knows that he receives a package from proroll, we have developed a sticker that covers other company logos.

Recycling & Reuse

Paper and plastics recycling have been important cornerstones at proroll for many years and are firmly anchored in our efforts to separate important raw materials and recycle them.

save on residual waste

The art lies in self-restraint. That is why, in the course of the environmental changes at proroll, we reduced our residual waste bins to a minimum of 240 litres for 14 days. It turned out that this volume restriction was only a challenge in the first few weeks. The company quickly adjusted to this, especially since we also greatly simplified waste separation for our employees.