3R4 Backrest for steel mechanism


Mounting kit – Backrest

for sheet steel mechanism

Mounting kit, backrest

for sheet steel mechanics SM 20 and SM 15 RB with depth and
height adjustment, comprising of a chrome backrest clip, swipe
support and two hand wheels

Backrest surface item no.
1 backrest black RBHSM 20
2 backrest chrome RBH CHR
3 backrest / low-level slotted hole chrome RBH CHFLL
4 backrest / low-level chrome RBH CHFL

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Questions about the product

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compatible products

SM 20 made of steel
Backrest screw-on

Simple mechanics
SM 15 made of steel


Backrest KISS
made of polyurethane
for cushioning


Jockey Saddle Seat
Compact saddle seat
for cushioning