Stool seat PUS 320

made of soft PU foam

Stool seat with moulded PUR foam filling

Stool seat plate with moulded PU foam filling in the seat. The seat is highly elastic and offers very good seating comfort due to the 5cm foam height.
The surface is durable and easy to clean. The inner values are also impressive, as a strong laminated wood insert provides the necessary stability when sitting and for firm mounting on the seat support.

Polyurethane stool seat

Stool seat made of high quality polyurethane with plywood inlay, matching seat mechanisms are Basic SM 10, SM 15 and mechanisms with round release SM 95, AM 90 and the ergonomic seat mechanism SM 95 Flex

Outside dimension
Bolt-on diagram
Shore C
Order no.
50 320 142×142 / 182×182 35 +/-5 Shore C PUS 320
Polyurethane stool seat with ergonomic seat curvature

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Questions about the product

Questions about the product

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