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NEW: PUZP400 pro

The new stool ergonomics

NEW: PUZP400 pro

Stool made from high-quality polyurethane that you can cover
yourself – best quality with ergonomically-formed leg recesses
and a stable 18 mm plywood insert. This new stool allows
ergonomic sitting with an ingenious solution. The incorporated
leg recesses relieve pressure on the legs and provide good
support, also forwards. Furthermore, the sitting comfort on the
40 cm-wide seat surface is very comfortable.

Screw holes for common seat mechanics e.g. SM95. Item
available in two variants polyurethane foam variants: normal strength (35° shore) and soft (15° shore)

Polyurethane seats with ergonomically pre-shaped leg rests

Stool seat, raw stock for individual upholstery. 18 mm plywood inlay and drive-in nut. High grade product with advanced edge protection by fully foam covered plywood edges. Available in two polyurethane foam variants: standard foam quality (35° shore) and extra-soft (15° shore)

plate size
form variation item no.
72 400 134×134 35° Shore PUZP400pro
72 400 134×134 15° Shore PUZP400pro W

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