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New 3D seat mechanics with the
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SMW Flex Stuhl-Mechanik


Seat mechanism SM95 Flex

With the new development SM95 Flex you can set new standards with your furniture. This highly innovative seat mechanism automatically adapts to any sitting posture and always ensures healthy ergonomics. The SM95 Flex defines a new seating culture in school, practice and laboratory.

Sheet steel housing with 4 holes 120×120 and 130x130mm to screw to the seat carrier. Dynamic sitting is possible with this mechanism. A spring-loaded rocker function allows inclinations of 12° in any sitting position. Healthy, flexible sitting like on a ball is thus possible. Inside there is a rocker mechanism mounted on rubber.

SM95 Flex
Available in black with the adjustment ring, the height adjustment can be triggered in any position. Ideal for medical or therapeutic use; for 28 mm cone

hole dimens.
diameter surface item no.
80mm 120x120mm
295mm black SM95 Flex

Advantages of the SM95 Flex at a glance:

> Seat mechanism for healthy and ergonomic sitting
> cleverly thought-out technology
> robust sheet steel housing
> Rocker function integrated up to 12° in all directions
> Simple mounting on the seat plate
> fits on any “standard” gas pressure column

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Questions about the product

Questions about the product

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