Eine Rolle von proroll!

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langlebig, solide, verlässlich

The branded castor from the wheel & castor manufacturer proroll.

A roll from proroll is a technical product whose Quality is usually not noticed very much. The roller performs its daily work reliably and without complaint. Good, when it works like that! The customer only notices what a castor has when it no longer functions. Even one defective roller noticeably reduces the comfort of, for example, a material trolley.

High-quality rolls therefore last almost forever. As a customer of proroll, you can rely on the craftsmanship and excellent manufacturing of all rolls. Trust in the strengths of a Brand roll, such as high-quality materials or greater material thicknesses, which we give every roll to you. Unrestricted readiness for use is an important attribute of every roll that bears the name proroll.

Each of our roller series are tested by endurance test over several weeks. On our own test stand, the rollers are subjected to a standardized test procedure. Each roller must prove here on many hundreds of kilometers of bumpy road, that they do their job for many years.