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Wheels & Castors without compromise

proroll stands for durable and tested quality,
fair pricing and for customer-friendly conditions

Quality as a principle - The brand role of proroll

Our castors should last a really long time. That's why we give our products everything they need for a long service life: materials matched to the operating environment, well thought-out material thickness and a sophisticated product design, matched to the challenges of everyday use. Surfaces and wheel bandages with very specific properties that match the planned application... we coordinate everything individually. The only standard that always remains the same is the high quality and the proroll name on the roll.

The customer decides whether the quality is right.

That is why our product quality is always outstanding. We know that our wheels and castors help determine the quality impression of those products that our customers produce with them. We constantly put ourselves to the test and have set up a new QA centre for this purpose. We are constantly investing in new measuring equipment and developing modern testing methods. Because constant checks ensure the high quality that our customers can rely on.

Transport castors on the test bench

Quality is measurable!

The new QA centre at proroll is our own testing laboratory on 100 m². Year after year, we invest in the optimisation of production equipment and in our quality testing methods. With us, constant controls ensure the best quality, on which our customers can always rely.