And out of conviction: Because we tackle it with full energy and take responsibility in every project. Giving less than 100 %? Not an option! We focus uncompromisingly on social and sustainable solutions. Our passion and conviction are reflected in the quality and performance of our results - that's not just a claim, it's the credo we live by.

Because we work for people. We offer better solutions - because we go one step further. Better solutions that make people happier and from which they benefit. That bring them benefits. And more quality and enjoyment of life for their working and living environments. Because they are more beautiful, more functional, better thought out and more sophisticated. This is how we inspire people.

In everything we do. Standing still, insisting on traditional standards and managing the status quo - not our thing. We love progress because we are curious and take the next step. Because we dare to rethink and set off as adventurers and pioneers with ambition. A kind of expedition on the trail of the new. Overcoming boundaries and sometimes making the impossible possible.

Wheels and castors from proroll from Hückeswagen


Year of foundation. The right solution right from the start.

parcels per year. 100% climate-neutral shipping

Sufficient space to develop.

CO2 compensation for all domestic pallet deliveries.

Storage space to store your products with us

items stored in our central warehouse

Own tools for aluminum and plastic printing

QA center for maximum durability

A little insight

Immerse yourself in the vibrant everyday working life at Northcomp! Our video gives you an exciting insight into our diverse activities. From quality inspection and precise roll assembly to logistics in the warehouse and shipping - here you can see how we at Northcomp work together every day to inspire our customers.