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Welcome to proroll

Which is why, after 37 successful years of proroll, we now call ourselves Northcomp.

Northcomp was founded in 1991 with three employees and a turnover of one million DM. Originally active in trade, we invested in development, engineering and equipment, grew continuously and became an internationally successful specialist for high-quality furniture and equipment components. Guided by discipline, reliability and social responsibility, we are now a family business with 35 dedicated employees.

Our journey has been characterized by the courage to break new ground and a focus on innovative components for broader customer support and the development of new markets. Under the new Northcomp brand, we combine the clarity of the North with a spirit of optimism and our talents. This brand offers room for development and symbolizes our values: social responsibility, progressiveness and sustainability. On New Year's Eve, proroll officially becomes Northcomp, an invitation to our customers, partners and employees to design furniture and equipment together, inspire people and achieve sustainable goals - under the motto "exploring for people".


We will change our name from January 1, 2024. Then we will be completely Northcomp GmbH. This will be our new company name and corporate brand.

Without the roller, there is no Northcomp. The reel is the foundation, and in development and sales it is not static, but is continuously being developed.

VAT ID, framework agreements, prices, contact persons & everything else remain the same. Only the company name & mailings will change.

As a castor customer, you will benefit from our innovative approach in many ways. By creating cross-industry synergies, we offer not only proven solutions, but also fresh ideas that take our castors to a new level. Our focus on customized solutions goes beyond the standard offering and promises to exceed your individual requirements, so you can rely on top performance.

proroll GmbH becomes Northcomp GmbH. It is important to carry out the name change in the ERP system. This prevents complications and duplication of effort in communication and operational cooperation. The mail endings change from to

There are no changes to the management or ownership structure. Mr. Fornahl and the entire team are available to you at any time as usual.

We started proroll in 1986 as a supplier of castors and wheels - so the name fitted. Today we do much more than that, so we needed a new name. The COMP in the name makes it clear that components are our core business - and that includes castors and wheels. In the second meaning, COMP also stands for Competence, which is divided into Production, Design, Consulting & Development.

NORTH stands for a clear attitude. For example, we identify with much of what the Scandinavian countries stand for: The social, the orientation towards human needs, the proximity to nature and the environment (sustainability concept), the clear, timeless design. NORTH also stands for new beginnings. Northcomp as a brand embodies courage and curiosity - as a team ("Expedition") we are always on a journey of discovery. This is how we shape the future

Responsible, inspiring, ambitious. As allies of our customers and partners, we take responsibility for the project and the environment. We also develop ambitious, forward-looking solutions. This is how we inspire.

The brand essence - and also our brand claim - says that we are constantly looking for new, better solutions that benefit people (customers, customers of our customers & partners).

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"The companions"
Hospice group Hückeswagen

We are happy to support charitable and social projects in our neighborhood and beyond. For our committed company, it is a matter of course to support selected projects that help people in need and alleviate suffering.

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Our most modern seat mechanism with aluminum housing

With the NORTHONE seat mechanism, we have developed a mechanism for chairs that consists of a completely closed aluminum housing. This offers a high degree of protection against pinching, as there are no openplaces. At the same time, this makes it easier to clean the seat mechanism.



proroll & NORTHCOMP°
at the Interzum 2023

In 2023, we were once again at the largest trade fair for the furniture industry. Next to almost 1,800 exhibitors and over 70,000 visitors, it was simply overwhelming to be there. See impressions and the video.

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The test center
from Northcomp

Our in-house QA center combines state-of-the-art testing technologies with strict quality standards. Our products not only undergo standard tests, but also long-term endurance tests for maximum reliability and durability. We set new standards for quality products through innovation and precision

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