Practice casters - Laboratory casters
Hospital & bed casters

for high demands in the laboratory and medical area

High-quality materials, the best rolling and swivelling properties and the highest possible stability. In addition, they are hygienic and highly durable - a great deal of proroll knowledge goes into our medical and practice castors.

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The right role for every practice, every laboratory and in clinics.

Innovative hospital bed roll manufactured in very good quality.

Housing and wheel body made of polyamide, fully enclosed.

For wheelie bins, shower chairs, kitchen trolleys, equipment trolleys.

Laboratory casters from proroll

Castors for hospital beds with central, total or directional locks


M500 series
For hospital beds & medical equipment

M550 series
For hospital beds & medical equipment

M560 series
For hospital beds & medical equipment
For high loads


M561 series For hospital beds & medical equipment

Castors for operating tables, nursing beds, patient transport and medical equipment

M250 series
For hospital beds & medical equipment


M650 series
Castors for patient transporters

M320 Series
Castors for care beds (low beds)

for hospital bed casters

Castors for medical equipment and medical equipment trolleys

M220 series
For medical applications

Customer information

Because particularly high demands are made in laboratories, operating theatres and clinics, proroll has a high-quality special range of Castors for practice furniture and medical technology. Clinical Rolls and hospital bed castors run smoothly and without tracks and are available with central, total or directional locking. Many of our practice castors are optimally encapsulated or have a flush closed housing, which means that no dirt is generated inside the castor and higher hygiene requirements are met. In addition, they can be reliably cleaned by heat and aggressive cleaners - and always reliably for many years. Some of our medical castors series are especially electrically conductive or can also be used in the direct environment of an MRT. Trust in us when choosing your practice, laboratory or bed casters. The name proroll stands for best quality and fair prices - since 1986.