Seat support & seat mechanics

AMW100 Stuhl-Mechanik

Dynamische Sitzmechanik durch
gefederte Wippfunktion in einem


Rocking mechanism AMW100

Strongly designed aluminium rocker mechanism with integrated, spring-loaded rocker function for ergonomic sitting in an exceptionally beautiful design. The mechanism is available in polished or black powder-coated.

Aluminium seat mechanism. With spring-loaded rocker function, which allows a front tilt degree of up to 10°, the back tilt degree is even possible up to 7°. The mechanism is equipped with a high-quality die-cast aluminium housing. A spring-loaded rocker mechanism is concealed inside.

Outside dimension
Screw-on hole pattern
Height Surface Order no.
244x197mm 200x153mm 70mm polished AMW 100 P
244x197mm 200x153mm 70mm powdered black AMW 100 S

Advantages of the AMW 100 at a glance:

> timeless design
> valuable and robust aluminium housing
> Integrated rocker function
> Easy mounting to the seat plate
> fits on any "standard" gas pressure column

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Questions about the product

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