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BatMatic - The assembly set for better sitting

"BatMatic" - The new seating culture

How does a potential buyer recognise a good work chair? Exactly, he takes a seat in it and looks at how it "sits"! But to create good ergonomics, you first need a lot of know-how. And that is what our "Batmatic" is all about.

This seat mechanism follows a completely new conceptual approach. Through its sophisticated design, the "Batmatic" corrects the centre of gravity and the user sits comfortably and dynamically at the same time.

The muscles are stimulated in the natural degrees of freedom of the spine. This allows you to move freely and yet is supported in a controlled manner.

Seat mechanism assembly set "BatMatic" BATMATIC 3 MM

New 3D seat mechanism made of 3 mm thick spring steel, black. The scope of delivery always includes the mounting set required for attachment to the seat plate, which comprises four rubber/metal buffers (25×20 mm), matching washers and four A6x10 mounting screws in each case.

Order no.
BatMatic 3mm incl. mounting set (dto.) BATMATIC 3 MM

Clamp protection and seat support for "BatMatic" AM 15 S

Aluminium seat support, black, sandblasted or polished with height adjustment for 28mm column cone

Order no.
Clamp protection for BatMatic (self-adhesive) CLIMATE PROTECTION
Hole size
Lever length
Order no.
55 55×55/90×100 Up to 200 black AM 15 S
55 55×55/90×100 Up to 200 polished AM 15 P
55 55×55/90×100 Up to 200 sandblasted AM 15 SA

Mounting set BatMatic for AM 15 available on request

Kit for healthy sitting SSA 100

Combine the BatMatic with a high quality polyurethane saddle seat and back to upholster yourself.

Height Hole size
Order no.
420 370 90×100/50×50 Saddle Seat SSA 100
420 370 90×100/50×50 Saddle Seat SSA 100 W
440 30 290 100 Backrest KISS

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