Seat support & seat mechanics

Work chair seat mechanism

...with and without TILD! Function

Work chair seat mechanism

Mechanism made of sheet steel, optionally with or without
Seat tilt adjustment, black.

Available with oval back stirrup mount or suitable for flat stirrups.

Can be ordered with or without backrest tilt adjustment (TILT)

Work chair seat mechanism

Outside dimension
Hole size
Lever length
Function Order no.
80 160×320 215×200 210 without TILT/oval stirrup barrel. SM 70 O
80 160×320 215×200 210 without TILT/flat barrel. SM 70 F
808 160×320 215×200 210 with TILT/oval stirrup barrel. SM 75 O
30 160×320 215×200 210 with TILT/flat barrel. SM 7F O

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Questions about the product

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