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PUZP 350 & 400 FLAT

Seat for posters with stable plywood inlay

Seats to upholster

Stool seat made of high-quality polyurethane - best quality with perfect edge protection due to a fully foamed-in 18 mm laminated wood insert; with drive-in nut. Available in two foam hardnesses and two diameters.

Top foam quality. Very easy to upholster. The seat is very comfortable with a width of 35 and 40 cm.

PUZP 350 & 400 FLAT stool seat for upholstering

Stool seat made of high quality polyurethane available in two sizes. Best quality with perfectly foamed 18mm laminated wood insert.

Figure 01: Perfect edge protection for durable pieces of furniture, because we also foam around the edges of the laminated wood insert !

Figure 02: The stool seat is supplied ready prepared with various mounting holes

Outside dimension
Hole dimensions
Foam hardness Order no.
53 350 130×130 27° Shore PUZP 350 FLAT
75 400 134×134 15° Shore PUZP 400 FLAT
Round seat made of foam and 18mm plywood insert

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