"We want every customer who buys components from us to have a good feeling. Our goal is responsible products that are created without wage dumping and child labour under western working conditions," says proroll Managing Director Stefan Fornahl; "we are proud that we have achieved our good market position honestly and fairly."

Martin Kretzer, Head of Operations at proroll, has just reported on the impressions of his recent trip to China and Hong Kong. Because proroll also regularly briefs and checks its foreign partners and suppliers.

Martin Kretzer: "We invest a lot in the relationship with our suppliers, whom we regard as our partners. In doing so, it is important that we take the time to clearly explain our ideas of fair production."

First of all, a basic understanding of proroll's concerns must be created on site - in faraway China, for example - from which the partner's own awareness can then grow.



Personal visits offer many good opportunities for this. As soon as the prices have been successfully negotiated and production details have been agreed, the people from proroll always take a look at the working conditions of the employees on site. They make sure that all products that will one day bear the proroll seal are produced fairly. These are important concerns that have been part of the company's philosophy from the very beginning. Because proroll also stands by its social responsibility - and expects its suppliers to follow certain guidelines. These include paying appropriate wages, ensuring that employees work reasonable hours and also showing fundamental consideration for the environment.


Of course, the high standards that apply in Germany or the EU, some of which have been fought for over decades, cannot be transferred to the whole world without reflection. But a code of conduct based on common, elementary values applies to all partners. At proroll, the focus has never been on the lowest prices "regardless of losses". Stefan Fornahl is sure that his customers understand these values and can endorse them themselves: "Ultimately, the ethical standards we set for the production of our components are also a positive seal of quality for the furniture that our customers build with them. Among proroll's requirements for its partners are these points:

  • no child labour
  • healthy workplace
  • safe production environment
  • appropriate remuneration
  • fair working hours
  • Consideration for the environment

At the partner Nan Jiin in Dongguan, an important industrial city in the Pearl River Delta in the Chinese Guangdong Province, Martin Kretzer was welcomed with Asian joy and was a welcome guest.

Nan Jiin manufactures various metal components with tools from proroll, including numerous foot crosses. The processing of aluminium parts has a long tradition in China and the level of craftsmanship in the production of proroll products is correspondingly high. The employees work in well-lit workshops, receive appropriate work clothing from the company and are paid fairly for their flexible working hours in three-shift operation.

If more and more Western clients pay attention to ethical ground rules, they can together improve the living situation of workers abroad.

At our production sites, we personally ensure compliance with our guiding principles.


SINCE A FOURTEENTH CENTURY, we have existed in a fiercely competitive market. It makes us proud that we have achieved our market position honestly and fairly. We stand by our ecological and social responsibility and expect our suppliers to follow certain guidelines as well. These include, among other things, appropriate wages and reasonable working hours. We visit our suppliers regularly and take a look not only at product quality, but also at the working conditions of the employees.